Next steps for a smart and flexible electricity network in the UK - London, 12 December 2017

Morning, Tuesday, 12th December 2017

Central London


This seminar will discuss policy priorities, and regulatory challenges, for establishing a smart electricity network in the UK. The seminar will include a keynote address from David Capper, Deputy Director and Head of Electricity Systems – Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

It will bring together stakeholders with key policymakers to examine the Government’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, with its proposals to reduce barriers to increasing energy storage capacity, and to put homes and businesses in greater control of energy usage - with the aim of reducing overall costs.

Delegates will consider what Ofgem’s decision to legally separate the function of the system operator within the National Grid means for responsibility for the overall management of the network. They will assess the opportunities for asset management innovation, looking in particular at the future role of Distribution Network Operators, and innovation programmes such as the Future Power Systems Architecture 2 (FPSA2).

Discussion is also expected on the prospects for the supply chain with the integration of smarter control and management systems in the distribution and transmission network.

Further sessions will examine the Government’s decarbonisation aims, options for integrating new sources of generation, and the potential co-location of storage solutions to overcome technical issues, such as intermittency.

For more invitation and to register, visit the Westminster Energy Environment and Transport Forum page here.

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