Feedback in energy demand reduction; Special Issue of BRI

Special Issue of Building Research & Information (BRI)

We are pleased to announce that a Special Issue on 'Feedback in energy demand reduction' has been published in the journal Building Research & Information (BRI). The Special Issue brings together a selection of papers from TEDDINET’s First Ever Energy Feedback Symposium, which took place in Edinburgh in July 2016. All of the papers are now available online and are listed below, and the Special Issue will be published in April 2018.

More information about the Energy Feedback Symposium can be found here. More information about the journal Building Research & Information can be found here.

Special Issue Guest Editors: Kathryn Buchanan (University of Essex) and Sam Staddon (University of Edinburgh).


Buchanan, K., Staddon, S. & van der Horst, D., 2018. Feedback in energy-demand reduction. Building Research & Information, 46(3), pp.231–237. Available at:

Original Articles

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