A partner project: Data Management for TEDDINET using Semantic technologies (DM4T)

The TEDDINET projects are generating huge amounts of data at different levels of detail in a variety of domestic and non-domestic settings up and down the UK. The mode, detail and quantity of this data are however largely defined by the needs of each individual project. At the same time, the research councils (RCUK) are defining guidelines for what happens to data generated by projects they fund, for which universities are then defining policies and finally researchers are then taking concrete actions to store, preserve and document data for future reference.

The problem at this current time is that there is relatively little awareness, limited experience and only emerging practice of how to incorporate data management into much of (physical) science research. Consequently, current solutions adopted by TEDDINET projects may be able to meet a minimal interpretation of the requirements, but not effectively deliver the desired data legacy, such as (for example) the means to execute trans-project queries, or being able to cite the results of such queries for the sake of reproducibility.

TEDDINET are thus hugely pleased to work with our partner project DM4T to tackle the issue of data legacy.

For more information please visit the DM4T project webpages.