Description: Taking on the Teenagers – Using adolescent energy to reduce energy use

PI: Prof Janet C Read, University of Central Lancashire

Fund: £1.5m TEDDI Longer

Project lifespan: Oct 2010 to March 2014




The underlying research hypothesis is that “teenagers can, if instructed and informed about their energy use in an appropriate way, be instrumental in changing not only their own behaviours but also in changing the behaviours of those around them”.


WP1: Participatory Design with Teenagers; WP2: Evaluate Existing Technologies; WP3: Investigation of Sensor and Mobile Technologies; WP4: Energy Education and Learning; WP5: Investigation of teen attitudes and behaviour.


creative design – a portfolio of creative designs for interventions to create better energy behaviours was developed

interventions – a series of interventions with mobile, web, social and device-based interventions were devised, undertaken and analysed including: Energy POD, Stroppy Kettle, RFID wristbands

understanding teenagers – including identifying cool as a design goal; understanding habitual behaviours; and behaviour change; methods for engaging teenagers.

Key outputs

Toth, N., Little, L., Read, J. C., Fitton, D., & Horton, M. (2013). Understanding teen attitudes towards energy consumption. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 34, 36-44.

Avramides, K., Craft, B., & Luckin, R. (2013). Modelling teenage personal contexts to support technology enhanced enquiry into personal energy consumption. Computers & Education, 69, 377-386.

Fitton, D., Read, J. C., Horton, M., Little, L., Toth, N., & Guo, Y. (2012). Constructing the Cool Wall: A Tool to Explore Teen Meanings of Cool. PsychNology Journal, 10(2).

Beale, R., & Bullock, A.-M. (2011). Greening the Teens. Costing the Earth. UK: BBC Radio 4.

Further publications can be found at:

Academic partners

University of Central Lancashire

Prof Janet C Read

Dr Daniel Fitton

Dr Matthew Horton

Northumbria University

Dr Linda Little

Dr Nicola Toth

University of Birmingham

Prof Russell Beale

Dr Ben Cowan

Swansea University

Prof Matt Jones

Yukang Guo

Institute of Education

Prof Rose Luckin

Dr Katerina Avramides

Dr Brock Craft