Description: Low Effort Energy Demand Reduction

PI: Richard Buswell, Loughborough University

Fund: £1.4m TEDDI Longer

Project lifespan: Oct 2010 to Nov 2014

Contact: r.a.buswell@lboro.ac.uk

Website: http://leedr-project.co.uk/


LEEDR is a 4-year research project that seeks to situate and understand domestic energy consumption within the context of families’ everyday lives and routines.


The project employs a combination of energy monitoring, video ethnographies and workshop techniques to explore opportunities for energy demand reduction through digital innovation and assess the possible impact a changing energy landscape might have on family life.

20 typical family homes in Loughborough, UK

Gas, hot water mains power, temperatures, window activity and presence activity are all monitored in addition to the social science and design methods used.

Key outputs

Please see website for a list of publications. www.leedr-project.co.uk/pubs.php