Description: Energy Literacy through an Intelligent Home Energy Advisor

PI: Prof. David Coley, Bath University (with Oxford)

Fund: £1.5m BuildTEDDI

Project lifespan: Oct 2012 to Oct 2016

Contact: d.a.coley@bath.ac.uk

Website: http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/enliten/


Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions from energy use within buildings by understanding, incentivising and influencing changes in the habitual behaviours of the buildings’ occupants. This project brings together expertise from a range of disciplines including: low carbon design; architecture and civil engineering; electronic and electrical engineering; computer science; environmental psychology; and habitual behaviour.


The collection of energy and other data from 70 homes will allow the creation of a thermal model for each house. This will be used to educate the occupant and how they could change their home or lifestyle to save energy – and how much money they would save.

Key outputs

T. Lovett, E. Gabe-Thomas, S. Natarajan, E. O’Neill, J. Padget: ‘Just enough’ sensing to ENLITEN: A preliminary demonstration of sensing strategy for the `ENergy LIteracy Through an Intelligent Home ENergy Advisor’ (ENLITEN) project. ACM e-Energy 2013

Ramallo-Gonzalez, A., Mogles, N. & Gabe-Thomas, E. (2014). Towards an agent-based model for A/C purchasing prediction. 1st International Symposium on Occupant Behaviour, OB’14. University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Academic partners

Bath University

Prof D. Coley

Dr Sukumar Natarajan

Prof Bas Verplanken

Dr Rachid Hourizi

Dr Eamonn O’Neill

Dr Julian Padget

Dr Ian Walker

Prof Furong Li

Dr Matthew Brown

Dr Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas

Dr Tom Lovett

Dr Alfonso Ramallo-González

Rowena Jolly

University of Oxford

Dr Tina Fawcett

Commercial Partners

Exeter city council


Max Fordham

Office of Science and Technology


Wessex Water


Low Carbon South West

Science Scope

Buro Happold

King Shaw Associates