Description: Aging Population Attitudes to Sensor Controlled Energy

PI: Dr Stuart Galloway, University of Strathclyde

Fund: £754k BuildTEDDI

Project lifespan: Nov 2012 to Oct 2014

Contact: stuart.galloway@strath.ac.uk

Website: http://gtr.rcuk.ac.uk/projects?ref=EP%2FK002708%2F1


It is generally accepted that energy saving measures, whether at the individual building level or aggregated up to the community level, need to be automated in order to maintain a sustained and consistent response to demand reduction. The APAtSCHE project examines the technical and social issues surrounding developing and deploying home automation technologies in social housing inhabited by senior citizens. The attitudes of this age group and their willingness to invest in and trust energy saving technology are very important given that the UK population is aging and that this demographic will come to dominate in years to come.


WP 1: Fuel Poverty & Aging Populations; WP 2: Information Modelling and Visualisation; WP 3: Aesthetic and Ergonomic Considerations; WP 4: Home Occupation and Utilisation; WP 5: Advanced Sensing and Communications


Case studies involve trial participants in Dumfries, Annan and Central Perthshire. The project will compile technical and contextual data to identify energy lifestyles and characterise subpopulations in energy use


Initial findings are that a broad brush approach to dealing with energy matters with the aging population alone is inadequate. A diverse range of opinions and feelings towards technology for even the most basic of demand response programmes has been elicited so far.

Key Outputs

B Stephen, G Barnicoat, S Galloway and M Danson, “Demand Based Ancillary Grid Services: a Lifeline to the Fuel Poor?”, IEEE Power Energy Society Letters (under review January 2014)

Presentations to industry (heating, infrastructure) and academic audiences in Tokyo and Sapporo, Japan;

Development and deployment of Cloud based Open Source Community Energy Metering Platform

International collaboration with Professors Kato and Matsuyama of Kyoto University, iMinds (Ghent), Fraunhofer (UMSICHT), Nitto Denko (Belgium), Tokyo (Europe) on iEnergy community energy management.

‘Smart Grids and the Social Sciences’ conference, Trondheim, 10-11 April 2014. ‘Public acceptance, public engagement, public resistance’: “The ageing population and smart metering: A qualitative field study on householders’ attitudes and behaviours towards energy use”.

Academic partners

University of Strathclyde

Dr Stuart Galloway

Dr Bruce Stephen

Dr Vladimir Stankovic

Prof Ivan Andonovic

Dr Craig Michie

Glasgow School of Art

Craig Whittet

Catherine Docherty

Dr Gordon Hush

Heriot Watt University

Prof Mike Danson

Dr Guy Walker

Dr Eddie Owens

Commercial partners

TreeGreen Ltd.


Open Grid Systems Ltd.

Dumfries & Galloway Housing Partnership

Café Scientific