Third TEDDINET Networking Workshop (University of Nottingham, April 2015)

TEDDINET ran its Third Networking workshop at the University of Nottingham on the 27th and 28th April 2015, hosted by the (Build)TEDDI project Ctech. Nearly 50 researchers representing 10 of the (Build)TEDDI projects, and all 6 of the new ‘Energy Management in non-domestic buildings’ projects, were in attendance. The day was a great opportunity for the (Build)TEDDI and the new set of projects (who TEDDINET has recently started to support) to learn of each other’s work, to share lessons learnt, and as researchers, to get to know each other personally.

A summary report has been produced (see below) which outlines the structure of the workshop and provides details of the presentations and sessions. During Day 1 of the workshop, we heard from the hosting project Ctech, as well as research plans from all 6 new non-domestic projects. We were also very pleased to hear from Michael Harrison of DECC on the Smart Metering Early Learning Project, as well as from Briony Turner of ARCC. Day 2 was dedicated to small group sessions, firstly to share recent research findings and on-going research questions, and secondly, to discuss various options for future collaborations and conversations.



Powerpoint slides accompanying all of the presentations are provided below. The report appendix includes details of all workshop participants.

A summary report of the workshop is available to download:

Presentations given during the workshop are available below: