TEDDINET-Ctech Non-domestic Energy Symposium (Digital Catapult, June 2017)

The TEDDINET-Ctech Non-domestic Energy Symposium took place at the Digital Catapult in London on 26 June 2017. The Symposium brought together more than 40 researchers, industry stakeholders and policy-makers to share their experiences of energy and sustainability in non-domestic buildings, and to reflect on the contributions of the Ctech project.

Each member of the Ctech team presented their research highlights of the last five years: Murray summarised his understandings of organisational context and the consequences for energy management, while Caroline presented her findings around the relationships between people and energy at work and the implications of this for interventions. Ben and Enrico then discussed the development, deployment and evaluation of various digital interventions. Alexa brought the findings of the previous talks together, demonstrating how the project led to a collaborative, concerted effort to deliver e-Genie (Ctech's final digital intervention). Nick concluded by presenting the motivations for and contents of the Ctech Toolkit.

The audience and expert panel reflected on Ctech's interdisciplinary and holistic approach to exploring the reality of energy management in organisations from different perspectives, ranging from detailed observations of day-to-day life in real workplaces to rigorous experimental methods, and real deployments of novel technologies, communications and workshops.

Complementary findings were presented by the keynote speaker – Angela Ruepert (University of Groningen) – as well as other non-Ctech speakers, while the symposium’s panel – Simon Roberts (Centre for Sustainable Energy), Michael Harrison (BEIS), and Judith Ward (Sustainability First) – offered various suggestions for how academia, industry and policy-makers could take Ctech’s outputs forward and continue to deliver impact.

The Ctech project will conclude in August, and the team is currently working on a number of academic papers and polishing the Toolkit for public release.

Ctech’s final report, aimed at any stakeholders in workplace energy management and reduction, can be downloaded below. The Toolkit will be released for public access via the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Ctech websites in August 2017.


Ctech final report

Keynote: Angela Ruepert, University of Gronigen

Ctech results

Other presentations