Second TEDDINET Networking workshop (Loughborough University, June 2014)

TEDDINET ran its second workshop at Loughborough University on the 4th and 5th June 2014, hosted by the (Build)TEDDI projects REFIT, LEEDR and DEFACTO. Attended by 53 researchers representing 11 of the (Build)TEDDI projects, the workshop promoted the sharing of knowledge and experiences between different projects. It also provided continued impetus to TEDDINET, ensuring that it will benefit academia, industry, policy-makers and society.

A report has been produced (see below) which outlines the structure of the workshop and provides summaries of the presentations and sessions. Day 1 of the workshop provided opportunity for all projects to give an update on their recent research, whilst during day 2 workshop participants broke into smaller groups to reflect on their own research and share ideas around 4 pre-determined themes. Powerpoint slides accompanying all of the presentations are provided (where author permission has been given) below. The report appendix includes recommendations by workshop participants for recently published reading, as well as details of all participants.


Day 1: Project Updates*

* CTech, Digital Agents for Home Energy Management and IDEAL presentations not available


Day 2: Themed Session presentations

Theme 1. Digital innovation for energy savings in buildings

Steven Firth, Storing and analysing household energy and performance data: lessons from DECC’s Household Energy Survey

Lina Stankovic, Domestic Smart Energy Research focusing on functionality and uses of energy data repository

Jacqueline Beckhelling, Data management for the DEFACTO project

David Allinson, Test houses and their synthetic occupants

Anastasios G. Bakaoukas, Smarter Households (A Serious Game Platform For Raising Energy Consumption Awareness)

Nikolaos Vastardis, A User-Centric Smart Gateway for Residential Energy Management

Arash Beizaee, Measuring the potential of zonal heating control to reduce energy demand in UK homes

Tom Lovett, Designing Sensor Sets for Capturing Energy Events in Buildings

Mike Coleman, REFIT Smart Home technologies – a quick look at the RWE Smarthome™

Andy Stephenson, Monitoring at emh homes

Jalil Latflmran, IMSS to monitor home energy