First TEDDINET Networking workshop (University of Edinburgh, November 2013)

“It was very enlightening and useful to get a grand overview of all the (Build)TEDDI projects in such a condensed format, it provided a great way to see the state of knowledge, who else we could collaborate with, and where our project can contribute most”

“It was great to hear some of the inspiring work others have already done and their recommendations for best future practise. I enjoyed hearing about the different theoretical approaches too”


TEDDINET ran its kick-off workshop at the University of Edinburgh on 5th and 6th November 2013, hosted by the BuildTEDDI project ‘IDEAL’. Attended by 44 researchers representing 17 of the (Build)TEDDI projects, the workshop promoted the sharing of knowledge and experiences between different projects. It also provided vital direction and enthusiasm for the newly established TEDDINET, ensuring that it will benefit academia, industry, policy-makers and society.

A report on the workshop (see below) outlines the structure of the workshop and provides summaries of the presentations and break-out sessions. Key findings emerging from the workshop are provided, as well as the actions TEDDINET will put in place to achieve these. An appendix includes key papers identified by workshop attendees, a short biography of each attendee, and feedback accumulated from the workshop.


TEDDINET workshop: introductions

Full playlist of videos here.


Full playlist of presentations available here.



1. The workshop report can be downloaded here:

2. Powerpoint slides accompanying the presentations are available below:

a) TEDDI experiences to date: Presentations from 2 year TEDDI projects (15 minutes each)

b) TEDDI on-going experiences: Presentations from BuildTEDDI projects (5 minutes each)