Energy social scientists in a multidisciplinary setting: opportunities and challenges (University of Bath, May 2015)

This workshop, dedicated to social scientists involved in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary energy research projects, was held at the University of Bath on 21st and 22nd May 2015. Twenty attendees took part in the highly interactive workshop, which aimed to develop guidelines for best practice in multidisciplinary working and participant recruitment.

Day 1 was dedicated to experiences of engaging with users and stakeholders, including speakers Richard Buswell and Val Mitchell (LEEDR), Lizzi Gabe-Thomas (ENLITEN) and Becky Mallaband (DEFACTO). Day 2 focused on working in multidisciplinary teams, including speakers Adam Cooper (UCL STEaPP) and Ian Walker (ENLITEN).



A summary report has been produced to act as a record of the event and is available here:


The organising committee: Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas (ENLITEN), Nataliya Mogles (University of Bath), Georgina Wood (Smarter Households), Kathryn Buchanan (DANCER), Becky Mallaband (DEFACTO) and Sam Staddon (TEDDINET)