Energy demand reduction, and digital innovation for social housing: defining research needs (De Montfort University, December 2014)

Over recent years there has been extensive collaboration between the academic community and social housing providers. Much of this work has taken the form of research and consultancy and has focused on the issues of fuel poverty, energy efficient housing and demand reduction. Feedback from the housing providers has indicated that they would like to be kept informed about the research work being undertaken across the sector and, possibly more importantly, that they are keen to be more actively involved in setting the agenda for that research. This TEDDINET sponsored workshop aimed to provide a space for these discussions and agenda setting, putting social housing providers and their needs centre stage.

The workshop brought together over 40 researchers and social housing providers to take stock of existing research efforts, exchange findings and discuss gaps from an end-user perspective. The workshop was not only a good venue for exchange and networking, but also allowed us to draw up a research agenda for the coming years, to identify existing opportunities for further collaboration (including some provided through TEDDINET) and provide us with evidence to make the case for additional research resources.


A summary report of the workshop is available to download here:

Presentations given during the workshop are available below: