Smart Meter Data and Public Interest; with the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Sustainability First

Collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Sustainability First

Much discussion about smart energy data is understandably focused on its likely use in consumer feedback, in enabling the future smart grid, and in the potential for commercial applications; but what wider uses does it have which serve the public interest?

In summer 2015, TEDDINET, the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Sustainability First launched a joint ‘research challenge’ to understand how future household smart-meter energy data might be deployed to serve the public interest. We jointly commissioned two university researchers to consider these questions and for each to write discussion papers for publication and debate.

The first paper, by UCL’s Simon Elam, looks at the possible public value of the data from a top-down, national perspective. To complement this, the second paper, by Jess Britton at University of Exeter, explores a devolved, regional and local perspective. There is also a useful Technical Annex to accompany the reports.

An expert workshop to coincide with the launch of the reports took place on 10 March 2016 in central London. Attended by 35 invited representatives from industry, policy and the third sector, the event served as the starting point for conversations about the public interest issues of smart meter energy data; conversations which we hope will continue long into the future. If you are interested in being further involved in these conversations specifically, please email