Building 4 People: People-centric Buildings for European citizens

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Buildings 2030, an initiative dedicated to promoting health, wellbeing and productivity in buildings in Europe, released a white paper that describes a “state of the art” for the debate about healthy, comfortable and productive buildings by looking at both policy and market dimensions. They underline that a strong focus on people will contribute to increasing the rate of renovation in Europe and bring concrete benefits to all Europeans. The broad alignment of environmental and health agendas presents an opportunity to not only invest in better performing buildings, but also to improve the quality of life for people using these buildings.


Having surveyed the existing efforts, out of many building attributes affecting people’s health and wellbeing, Buildings 2030 is focusing on four parameters. These categories were developed during two workshops convened by Buildings 2030 in 2017. The selection of these four key parameters was confirmed by experts from the built environment, public health, energy efficiency solution providers, engineers and architect communities.


reflecting the basic human need for protection from extremes of temperature


pointing to the need for adequate workspace lighting and the effect of light on wellbeing


demonstrating the needs for clean, healthy air, free from harmful pollutants – many of which cannot be directly sensed, but can nevertheless cause serious health effects


showing that noise can be extremely disruptive, damage our hearing or cause distress, anxiety, hindered communication and reduced concentration

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