TEDDINET - Call for energy demand technologies

TEDDINET is interested in developing a collection of examples of technologies that have been developed or used by energy demand research projects. These could include software and hardware such as games, interfaces, sensor systems, various types of toolkits, novel interactive artifacts, and other interactive experiences that are related to energy and environmental monitoring, energy feedback and energy management.

The purpose of the collection would be a) generally to share knowledge, b) to develop an interactive exhibit that could be taken to events and festivals, and c) to explore ideas and possibilities around linkages between energy demand research, technology entrepreneurship and industry engagement.

We are interested in technologies in all states, including those that have been developed sufficiently for use in research or as prototypes but not further.

If you have developed or used such a technology in your research, could you complete this two-minute survey?

If your technology is related to managing energy use in non-domestic buildings, we would also invite you to exhibit it at the TEDDINET-Ctech symposium on this theme to be held in London on 26 June 2017. Full information on the symposium is here.

For further information or to express interest in exhibiting, contact benjamin.bedwell@nottingham.ac.uk with a brief description of the technology and your infrastructural requirements for displaying it. The venue will have internet access via Wi-Fi, one power socket and room for one table and two chairs. Please include your name, organisation and contact email and whether you a member of a TEDDINET project.

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