A few places left! TEDDINET-Ctech Symposium: Managing Energy Use in Non-Domestic Buildings - London, 26 June 2017

There are a few places remaining at the following event. If you would like to register, please contact Cat Magill at c.magill@ed.ac.uk.

TEDDINET-Ctech Non-Domestic Energy Symposium **Featuring Ctech findings launch**

Managing energy use in non-domestic buildings: Research insights

26 June 2017

Digital Catapult, London

Non-domestic spaces account for around one fifth of UK carbon emissions, making energy efficiency and conservation in these built environments of paramount importance. Energy saving in the home is relatively well researched; however an increased focus in recent years on non-domestic buildings means insights are also beginning to emerge around the digital technologies and behaviour change interventions which can reduce energy use in the workplace.

This symposium aims to bring together those from academia, industry and policy to share and discuss these cutting-edge research insights. The symposium will feature a keynote from Angela Ruepert (University of Groningen) and an expert discussion panel, including Simon Roberts (Centre for Sustainable Energy), Michael Harrison (BEIS), Judith Ward (Sustainability First). Talks will feature findings from the pioneering Creating the Energy for Change (Ctech) project, and presentations received from the wider research community.

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