SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) Innovative Non-Domestic Demand-Side Response Competition

The aim of the Innovative Non-Domestic DSR Competition is to identify, build, test and disseminate learning from innovative approaches to demand side response (DSR) in operational (real-life), non-domestic applications. By supporting innovative pilots to help demonstrate and communicate the benefits of DSR, this Competition seeks to address the challenges of take-up of DSR.

Competition Process - A two-stage Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) pre-commercial procurement process will be used to deliver this Competition:

  • Phase 1, Feasibility studies (total budget of up to £600k; up to £30k contract for each study): project teams will carry out feasibility studies which will identify the potential for DSR in a specific organisation and will set out detailed project plans for testing the proposed demand flexibility and methods for disseminating information about the DSR solution
  • Phase 2, DSR demonstration and dissemination (total budget of up to £7.0m; up to £1.0m contract for each demonstration project): selected project teams will be funded to enable the proposed DSR solution to be implemented and tested. A key requirement from the demonstration phase is that, once successfully implemented, the DSR solution and learning must be disseminated widely, including to organisations with similar opportunities for implementing demand flexibility, to help promote further DSR deployment.

Successful project teams for this Competition are likely to include: an organisation with the potential controllable electricity load (this could be a business or a public sector organisation); an aggregator or electricity supplier; technology supplier(s) who can implement the DSR solution; and an organisation who can lead the dissemination and knowledge transfer activity (this could be an existing member of the team or a new partner dedicated to this activity).

Complete information can be found here.

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